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    Professional Doctorate in Doctor in Medicine (M.D.)

    About This Professional Doctorate

    Course Description

    Candidates for the M.D. degree must be M.B. graduates (or acceptable equivalent) of at least three years standing. A candidate must either be a graduate of the University of Dublin or have been for at least one year prior to registration a full-time or part-time member of staff of the College, or a formally appointed Research Fellow of the College or a Registrar in one of the teaching hospitals with which the College has a formal association. Applications must be made on the official form, which may be obtained from the Graduate Studies Office. Work for this degree may be carried out elsewhere than in the College itself save that in the case of candidates who are not graduates of the University of Dublin, the bulk of the research work eventually submitted must be carried out while they are on the staff of the College or Hospital. A thesis for examination must be presented not less than twelve months or not more than five years after the date of registration. Advice to applicants is contained in the document “Doctor in Medicine (M.D.), Guidelines for Candidates”. Applications to the M.D. register must first be assessed for acceptance by the internal Professional Higher Degrees Committee. Distinguished graduates of the University of Dublin may submit a thesis for the degree of M.D., which is based solely on published work relating to a single theme. In such cases the normal regulations concerning admission to the postgraduate register and minimum time between registration and submission will not apply.

    Visit the Doctor in Medicine (M.D.) page on the Trinity College Dublin website for more details!

    Entry Requirements

    M.B. graduates (or acceptable equivalent) of at least three years standing

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