Professional Doctorate in Masters/Doctor of Professional Studies MProf/DProf (Health and Education / Science and Technology)

    About This Professional Doctorate

    Course Description

    The Masters and Doctor of Professional Studies (MProf and DProf) have been developed with specialist pathways to reflect the complex developmental work of senior professionals in disciplines that are aligned to the Schools of Health and Education and Science and Technology. The DProf is equivalent in value to the traditional PhD which means that at its successful completion you will achieve the title of Dr. Both degrees are specifically relevant to experienced professionals and it is possible to gain credit based on past professional achievements towards the doctoral programme.

    Why study the Masters/Doctor of Professional Studies at Middlesex University?

    The Masters and Doctor of Professional Studies (MProf/DProf) are for advanced practitioners who wish to undertake research within their own professional context. They are distinctive in that you are placed at the centre of your research investigation, and therefore your work will be highly applicable to your professional development and career progression. You will begin by critically reflecting on your practice, before designing and undertaking a practice–based research project which makes a substantial contribution to your organisation and field.

    Specialist pathways include:

    Health, Environment, Risk, Disaster Risk and Response, Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, Social Work, Housing and Regeneration, International Relations, Social and Public Policy, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Sport and Biomedical Science.

    Course Highlights

    • They focus on developing your capabilities as a reflective practitioner, enhancing your ability to undertake critical practice-based research.
    • They provide an opportunity to make a claim for academic credits for a significant amount of prior formal and informal learning that you are likely to have already achieved.
    • Your study pathway and projects are tailored to meet your individual needs and research interests, and those of your organisation.

    MProf/DProf by Public Works

    It is also possible to complete a shorter MProf or DProf by Public Works. This approach is suitable for senior individuals who have achieved a substantial amount of research and development at the appropriate level and which is available within the public domain.

    The award of MProf or DProf is based upon submission of a critical commentary on the public works. The candidate is supported by an academic adviser and consultant in the same way as the conventional award.


    How is the Doctor of Professional Studies taught?

    An academic advisor is assigned to you at the start of your programme and will be available to you throughout your period of research. As the focus of your work develops subject specialist consultants will be assigned to you so that you can draw on appropriate expertise in your area of enquiry or methodology.

    You will also have resources such as handbooks and online materials to enhance your learning journey as well as access to seminars, workshops and lectures held at the campus.

    Visit the Masters/Doctor of Professional Studies MProf/DProf (Health and Education / Science and Technology) page on the Middlesex University website for more details!

    Entry Requirements

    Normally candidates for the DProf Framework have significant experience in their professional life and are also likely to have a masters degree.

    Where an applicant does not possess a masters degree, previous experience of higher education is not a prerequisite but experience within the work environment is essential.

    It is preferable that candidates for this programme will have experience of management of people and projects with significant technical experience.

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