Professional Doctorate in Developmental Transactional Analysis [DTA]

About This Professional Doctorate

Course Description

Transactional analysis is often associated with its pop psychology image of the hippy era – but since the ‘sixties it has continued to develop as a profession and is now practised worldwide and in many contexts. This programme concentrates on developmental applications, relating to individual, group and organisational contexts rather than the original focus on psychotherapy. It is suitable, therefore, for professionals such as consultants, educators, coaches, counsellors, managers – anyone with responsibility for the development of others (rather than ‘cure’).

The training is rigorous, with 4-5 years being a typical time frame to obtain international accreditation, so sits well alongside postgraduate qualifications. It is also work-based, with the requirement to demonstrate competent application of TA in the development of others, so we use a series of portfolio submissions based on your professional interventions, with no need for artificial projects to be set up.

Our modules relate to professional areas of practice, so for the first level thsese are Professional Intervention, Core Themes of TA, Individual Development, Interactions & Relationships, Group Processes and Organisations & Institutions. After that, the focus shifts to the context, to practitioner skills such as facilitating, learning, etc, process skills and research awareness. The final MSc level requires implementation of a research-based case study typical of your professional practice.

Our programmes are recognized for accreditation by the international TA associations. They can also be linked to accreditation by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) at Practitioner or Masters Practitioner level; and to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

More details of the various TA qualifications, and how this programme fits, can be seen at


Our faculty comprises internationally-accredited experts within the TA community, who have wide experience of applying TA professionally in many different contexts. Refer to our prospectus via the link above for further details.

Flexible Study to suit your Lifestyle

The programme is offered via webinars that allow interaction with tutors and with other participants, supplemented with occasional workshops arranged in various countries to suit demand. We have some national groups where students come together to attend the webinars. There are also options to attend regular workshops with our faculty in the UK, Netherlands, New Zealand and Romania, and in other countries through our non-faculty international TA colleagues.

Visit the Developmental Transactional Analysis [DTA] page on the Professional Development International website for more details!

Entry Requirements

Requires that you can handle postgraduate academic requirements and that you have, or will have, opportunities to apply TA within a professional practice that addresses the psychological development of others e.g. coaching, consulting, educating, etc.

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