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    Professional Doctorate Social Practice

    About This Professional Doctorate

    Course Description

    This professional doctorate (in one of three fields of professional activity – education, law, and social sciences) is a three year part-time modular programme. The programme of study can best be viewed as a single research project that is developed in stages.

    These fields of study have been drawn together by commonalties in:
    - the philosophy of public and human service professions
    - the particular view of the nature of professional doctorates and professional development
    - the structure for carrying out research and completing the doctorate
    - the way in which the professional doctorate is assessed.

    Aims of the Professional Doctorate in Social Practice

    - Provide students with an opportunity to explore both the complex relationships between knowledge, theory and practice, and also the intricate nexus of understanding the world and changing it.
    - Develop students' ability to design and implement a research project at the boundaries of knowledge of their professional and educational fields.
    - Provide students with an opportunity to develop their judgement, foresight and problem analysis by applying theoretical and philosophically tuned forensic skills to the research material derived from their investigations.
    - Provide students with an opportunity to develop as both reflective and reflexive practitioners who have the intellectual and personal adaptability to be able to deal with the complexities of organisational change and ambiguity.
    - Provide students with an opportunity to develop communication skills which enables participants to communicate effectively with both academics and practitioners from the world of education and the communities in which people live, and to act as mediators between the constituencies involved.

    In order to meet these aims the programme of study has been structured around the process of research.

    Assessment Methods

    You will need to:

    Create six formal documents that are presented as logical stages of the whole research project.
    Partake in discussions concerning the development of your research.
    Deliver group presentations with individual evaluation of the group.
    We use diagnostic and formative feedback to support students in their ability to recognise strengths and weaknesses in their own research, and to negotiate targets for developing their study. All summative assessment is used to establish the level of achievement at the end of each module.

    You will undertake the following research workshops comprising six stages of your research project for the award of a professional doctorate in your chosen field. There are no optional modules.

    Research workshop one: Introduction: Research questions, aims and initial review of the literature (20 credit points at D level)
    Research workshop two: Identity and Epistemology: Towards an understanding of literatures and conceptual frameworks (100 credit points at D level)
    Research workshop three: Designing and using methods in research concerning social practice (60 credit points at D level)
    Research workshop four: Designing and using research methods to complement the research in the preceding module concerning social practice (60 credit points at D level)
    Research workshop five: Thesis: Critical Reflection and Reflexivity (120 credit points at D level)

    To obtain an M.Phil. students must pass all four modules normally presented in first two years of the course (240 credit points at D level).

    Visit the Professional Doctorate Social Practice page on the Nottingham Trent University website for more details!

    Entry Requirements

    - A Masters-level qualification in an appropriate subject- Or other recognised equivalent qualification- And/or evidence of motivation and ability to conduct research at higher degree level.- IELTS 6.5 (min writing score 6.0)

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