Professional Doctorate in Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

    About This Professional Doctorate

    Course Description

    If you are an experienced practitioner in business, industry and the professions, and are seeking to engage in a part-time research-orientated programme of postgraduate study leading to the award of a professional doctorate, then the DBA is for you. The DBA is regarded as being the same status as the more commonly known PhD and permits you to use the title of ‘Dr.’ upon satisfactory completion.

    As a professional doctorate, the DBA consists of two Stages: Stage 1 a taught programme taken on a part-time basis over a two-year period, followed by Stage 2, a research programme which you should aim to complete in a further two-year period of part-time study although the maximum period of study is seven years. 

    Why study with us

    • Advance your career and study for the highest qualification available in business and management.
    • This part-time degree is designed for senior managers and consultants who want to study at an advanced level while working full-time. It can be completed over a maximum of seven years although you can choose to complete within four.
    • Research active staff will bring their experience and knowledge into their teaching as well as drawing on current research in their particular field.

    What you'll do

    Your learning journey will include lectures and guided reading; active group work; case studies, videos, reviews of current events and student presentations.

    Learning and assessment

    The DBA will run at the Preston Campus of the University. Stage 1 consists of a two-year taught programme with tuition provided in 3 x 4 day blocks per year. You’ll have full access to the Library and information resources of the University throughout the DBA and in addition may use all social, cultural and sports facilities of the University.

    Assessment in Stage 1 will consist of individual assignments rather than formal examinations. Once you have passed all of the taught modules and have had your DBA project proposal approved, you then progress on to Stage 2 of the DBA. Assessment at Stage 2 will by via examination of the submitted thesis.

    Further information

    As a professional doctorate, the DBA consists of two Stages: Stage 1 a taught programme taken on a part-time basis over a two year period, followed by Stage 2, a research programme which you should aim to complete in a further two year period of part-time study although the maximum period of study is 7 years.

    Stage 1 DBA Taught Programme consists of six taught modules, each being completed through a four-day intensive workshop plus a period of private study both before and after the workshop. During Stage 1 you will develop critical and reflective skills at doctoral level, through the requirement to think conceptually, apply critical thinking, and reasoning skills and to challenge orthodoxy relating to the body of knowledge and research relating to Management and Organisation. Action learning is incorporated within the study sessions and is an important and distinctive feature of our DBA. You will work in sets or small development groups with fellow participants throughout the Programme and also develop your skills as a critical and reflective learner.

    Stage 2 DBA Research Programme - as part of the development process of your DBA project, you will have worked with the DBA staff to agree a suitable supervisory team, including a Director of Studies. This team will work with you throughout Stage 2 helping you to design and implement your own particular DBA project. This will normally take two years working on a part-time basis although you may choose to work at a pace that requires more time and you may therefore take up to five years.

    Visit the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) page on the University of Central Lancashire website for more details!

    Entry Requirements

    Hold an approved Masters degree in business, management or in a subject that is relevant to the proposed research programme to be undertaken or hold an equivalent and relevant professional qualification

    Have a significant level of relevant business, management or professional experience at a level appropriate to the proposed research programme

    Demonstrate the potential to conduct research and write a thesis at doctoral level in a field which matches the areas of supervisory expertise available within the Business School

    Provide two appropriate and satisfactory professional/academic references

    For full entry requirements, please visit out website

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